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Pretérito indefinido y referencias temporales

Pretérito indefinido is an important past tense in Spanish, although we cannot say it is the only one. We use many of them, and (almost) all of them very frequently.

Here we propose you some activities so you can practice the conjugation, recognition and  pronunciation of regular verbs in pretérito indefinido. Remember that verbs in Spanish are not just regular or irregular, but they are regular or irregular depending what tense we are talking about.

You will also be able to practice the phonetic and conjugation of the very irregular verbs ir (to go) and ser (to be). And also you will get used "naturally" to the conjugation of some irregular verbs like: estar (to be), venir (to come), hacer (to do), tener (to have), querer (to want) and poder (to can/be able).

Finally, to talk about past experiences and describe them precisely, we also need some temporary markers. Here you can also find some examples and play with them to learn.




ELE Actual A2 Lección 8

Aula internacional (Plus) 2 Unidad 2

Conjugación y fonética del pretérito indefinido de verbos regulares
Conjugación y fonética del pretérito indefinido de los verbos ir y ser
Conjugación del pretérito indefinido de verbos muy irregulares
Referencias temporales con pretérito indefinido
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