Cuantificadores de nombres

Quantifiers with nouns are a bit more tricky to use accurately in Spanish than quantifiers with adjectives, since these last ones are less in number, easy to translate and non-sensitive to gender and number.

In contrast, quantifiers with nouns are bigger in number, need to agree in gender and number (singular/plural) with the noun the go with, and the translation can sometimes be difficult to state. Moreover, the proper usage of these quantifiers also depends on the nature of the noun being countable or uncountable. 


You can revise your book and notes before trying the following exercises, although you can find some tips in some of them.




ELE Actual A1 Lección 10

Aula internacional 1 Unidad 8

Crea frases para describir una ciudad o un barrio
Clasifica estos nombres según el grupo de cuantificadores que les acompaña

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