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Números del uno al veinte

It is difficult to decide, when referring to written Spanish but also in other languages, if writing the numbers with digits or with words.


There are not clear rules for this, but it seems that when mentioning numbers that are written with only one word it’s more suitable to write them with words.


So here we propose you some simple calculations with numbers from zero to twenty that will also help you to practice, remember and write small numbers. For completing it you just need to understand as well the following expressions in Spanish: 


  • "Más" means “plus”.

  • "Menos" means “minus”.

  • "Por" means “times”.

  • "Entre" means “divided by”.

  • "Igual a" means “equals”.




ELE Actual A1 Lección 2

Aula internacional 1 Unidad 1

Understand your mistakes in the previous exercise, if any, and also to be able to complete the following exercise successfully.

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