Países, nacionalidades y lenguas

Countries, nationalities and languages are generally pretty similar words in Spanish when they refer to the same country. For this reason, when we don’t know the nationality or the name of the language of a particular country we can take the risk and try to guess.


Sometimes we will be right, but maybe we fail. For example, in Brasil the people don’t speak brasileño but portugués. The good new is that very probably a Spanish speaking person will understand you anyway. So don’t hesitate and dare yourself!


When writing it is very important to distinguish between using upper case or lower case. So if you don’t remember you can revise the rules before facing the following exercise.




ELE Actual A1 Lección 2

Aula internacional 1 Unidad 1

Understand your mistakes in the previous exercise, if any, and also to be able to complete the following exercise successfully.

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