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Quedar con amigos

Conversations with Spanish-speaking people for meeting and doing some leisure activities are never easy. Very frequently, native Spanish-speakers use phrases and structures that are difficult to translate, they speak fast and they can even use some slang. If these conversations take place by telephone they can be more troublesome :/


Also, improving alone the oral communication skill by self-studying is almost impossible, since we need someone to talk to and practice with. Moreover, teachers and publishing companies find it challenging to update materials and provide extra real input sources that help students to face close to real situations.


This is the reason why we suggest here the following activities. In them, you will find materials with information about leisure and cultural activities that will help to, first, observe how real tickets or leaflets provide information in Spanish-speaking countries, and second, to understand the context where such conversations can take place.


We propose also some listening activities with real dialogues, so you have to put phrases in a logical order and create the whole conversation. You will be showed the transcript once you succeed in the exercise.




ELE Actual A2 Lección 11

Aula internacional 2 Unidad 5 / Aula internacional Plus 2 Unidad 6

Conversación para quedar con amigos (I)
Conversación para quedar con amigos (II)
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