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One of the most popular exams for teenagers to certify their Spanish level in Hong Kong is the IGCSE exam (International Certificate of Secondary Education). On the other hand, DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) which is awarded by Instituto Cervantes from the Spanish Ministry of Education is very popular amongst adults. Due to the influence of International schools, the majority of the parents in Hong Kong still nowadays prefer to choose the IGCSE to certify their kids Spanish level.

The reason is obvious, there are many International Schools that have been following the IGCSE curriculum to examine their students on their compulsory secondary education. South Island School, West Island School, Island School, King George the 5thSchool, Shatin College and Renaissance colleague from the English School Foundation are some examples but there are other schools like Kellet International School, Harrow International School, Yew Chung International School or French International School. However it should be noted that in very recent years there is a tendency of many schools to shift from the IGCSE program to the IB MYP (Middle years Program). It is the case of schools like King George V and Shatin College that since 2018, the new students starting in Year 7 are not following the IGCSE program anymore but the MYP. 

The most common board that all English School Foundation schools are following is the Cambridge exam. Currently in Hong Kong students can get their IGCSE certificate either in their international school or if they study at a local school they have the option to examine themselves a free candidates outside of their school. Currently the Hong Kong Education Bureau allows students to register under the Cambridge Exam Board and the Edexcel Exam board. The Edexcel exam board is more popular amongst local students as it is believed by students to be easier due to the higher amount of questions being multiple choice. On the other hand the registration for the Edexcel exam costs 2,860 HKD while the Cambridge board is only 1,495 HKD making the Cambridge exam almost half the price.

For more information on the exam dates and registration procedures parents can refer to

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